Nvidia-GLX - Beryl Fix

For : Mepis Linux with Beryl

by : je.saist / nlyric

This guide is fairly specific to a situation that can occur on Mepis Linux with Beryl. For those who installed the Nvidia drivers and then run dpkg-reconfigure in order to get a display, the Beryl interface probably will not function correctly. Nlyric posted the solution to fix the Beryl interface, so here it is.

This Guide has been tested on

Gefore 6800 Mobile  |  Geforce 7900 GT KO  |  Geforce 6600 GT  |  Geforce FX 5200

1: As seen below Kaffeine is missing the title bar and the window liner. This means that the window cannot be resized by the user.

2: This does not mean that Beryl will not work. As shown below some portions of the Beryl Interface are still operational. Windows can be moved, Maximized, and Minimized.

3: The Cube Function also works to an extent.

4: To fix this we'll need to enter the /root file browser.

Left Click on System in the taskbar.

5: Mouse up to File System and Left Click on File Manager - Super User Mode

6: Enter the /root password and Left Click on OK

7: Konqueror should default to the /root account.

Left Click the up arrow on the address bar

8: We should now be in the / folder.

9: Left Click on etc

10: Scroll down and Left Click on X11

11: We should now be in /etc/X11

12: Left Click on xorg.conf

13: To make this page easier to work with I am going to maximise KWrite

14: Maximizing can be achieved by right clicking on Kwrite

Then Left Clicking on Maximize

15: With KWrite now maximized I am going to scroll down the config file.

16: We are looking for Section "Device

Move the cursor down to EndSection

17: Hit Enter on the Keyboard about 3 times.

We should have a screen as shown below with a seperation between Option and EndSection

18: Now copy the following Text and paste it into the empty section:


# nvidia special options, use with care
  Option "CursorShadow" "1"
  Option "CursorShadowAlpha" "63"
  Option "CursorShadowYOffset" "2"
  Option "CursorShadowXOffset" "4"
  Option "FlatPanelProperties" "Scaling = native"
  Option "NoLogo" "false"
  Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "true"
  Option "RenderAccel" "true"
  Option "AllowGLXWithComposite" "true"


And the screen should now look like the capture below.

19: Save the changes by clicking on the Save button at the top of KWrite.

20: Restart the Computer

21: And when we load back up, we should now have our title bars.

22: The Water effects should work now as well.

Thank you nlyric.

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