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For : OpenOffice

by : je.saist

One of the realities in today's business world is that many corporate clients will only accept documents submitted in Microsoft's .doc format. Many business users may find it more convinient to always have OpenOffice save in one particular format. So, this goal of this guide is to show how to set up OpenOffice to always save in the .doc format.  This, along with a few other upcoming guides, is not one that I would personally reccomend using. That being said, if this helps people realize that OpenOffice can meet all of their documents needs, then maybe this was worth it.

We'll also go over a pet peeve of mine, the default font used in Open Office.  This guide should work on all versions of OpenOffice, Windows or Linux. So if you are not running Mepis Linux, these steps will still work for you.

Over Part 1 we'll show the normal method of saving a file in a format other than that of the default Open Document format.  Over Part 2 we'll cover setting up Microsoft's .doc format to be the default save file, and in Part 3 we'll cover changing the default font and seeing the changes in action.

Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3

1: As this guide is intended to be for all OpenOffice versions, the program is already open.

2: I just entered some text into OpenOffice, a simple Hi there.

3: Now I'm going to Left Click on Save. It's the little floppy icon in the upper left corner.

4: Here we have the standard opening screen for OpenOffice.

I'm going to go to Documents. Windows uses should already be in My Documents.

5: Here we are at the normal save screen, the equivalent of My Documents.

6: As we can see at the bottom, OpenOffice defaults to OpenDocument Text (.odt)

To change this, most of the time you just Left Click on the Filter

7: And then you have a drop-down box giving the types of documents you can save in.

8: Here I've selected Microsoft Word 97/2000/Xp (.doc) with a Left Click

9: Now the file type has been changed, so Left Click on OK

10: OpenOffice will now fuss that about not saving in the OpenDocument Format.

11: Typically, if you do not want to see this message:

Left Click in the Checkbox for Do not show this warning again

12: Then Left Click on Yes to save the file.

13: There we go, the file is saved as a .doc for Microsoft Word.

I want to change the default File Save, so I am going to Part 2.

I want to change the fonts, can I skip to Part 3?