Cedega 6.0 - Part 1


For : Mepis Linux 6.x

by : je.saist

This is an almost remix of first Cedega guide which was based on the 5.2.3 release. Because of this, several of the steps of getting to into the Cedega site have omitted. This guide picks up already inside the Cedega system at the Software License agreement.

This is a 3 part guide that covers installing Cedega 6, but also covers managing older Cedega engines. Now, why exactly would you want to install and use an older engine? We'll touch on that more in Part 3.

This guide presumes that you have subscribed to Cedega. If you are not a Cedega
Subscriber, this guide, and future Windows Games on Cedega guides will do you no good.

Part 1 - Obtain  |  Part 2 - Install  |  Part 3 - Old Engine

1: As mentioned, starting at the Software License.

Scroll Down to the bottom.

2: Left Click on I agree

3: Now we should be at the Downloads - Prepackaged page.

We'll need to scroll down the list.

4: Our target is the .deb file.

At the time of this capture is listed as cedage-small_6.0_all.deb

5: Left Click on the .deb target.

6a: At some point I must have told it download files automatically, because the download window came up almost immediatly. This snap shot then comes from the original 5.2 guide.

Left Click on OK to save the file.

6b: and back to the 6.x series where we... well... not really wait for the download to finish.

7: While we are here in the download section, go back to the top of the page.

Left Click on Archives.

8: We'll need to scroll down this list.

9: Our target this time is the cedega-engine-5.2.10-local-update.i386.cpkg

Lets Left Click on our Target.

10. Since Firefox has no clue what this is, we should not get an open with dialog.

Simply Left Click on Save File.

11: Unlike the 6.0 installer, the engine will take a bit to download.

12: Okay, now we can start closing out.

13: And... away with the firefox window.

14: Back to our stock desktop. Here we can see our freshly downloaded files.

15: Left Click on the cedega-small_6.0_all.deb package.

16: Kpackage should now open up.

Left Click on Install.

17: Left Click on Install.

18: Enter the /root password then Left Click on OK

19: Cedega will now start to install.

20. and promptly error out.

Left click on Done and close out of Kpackage.

21: Left Click on System

22: Then Left Click on Terminal Program (Konsole)

23: In the terminal type in the letters su

Then hit enter on the keyboard.

24: Enter your /root password.

Then hit enter on the keyboard.

25: And now we should be ready to continue on in /root mode.

Complete the installation in Part 2.

Skip to the end and the engine managment in Part 3.