Descent 3 - Part 1

Cedega Install

For : Cedega / Mepis Linux

by : je.saist

It has been some time since a Descent game last appeared. This guide looks at Descent 3, the final game in the series, released in 1999, and running it under Cedega on Mepis Linux.

Sadly, this may have been the final Descent game ever made. The original Descent game was developed by Parallax Software and published by Interplay. The third game was developed by Outrage Games and also published by Interplay. With the 2004 meltdown of Interplay entertainment, hope for another Descent seems dim... However, Outrage Games appears to be under THQ... so there may be hope yet for another title.

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To Install and Play this game the original Install media is required

1: Cedega is already opened up.

2: Left Click on Install

3: For the game folder, type in Descent 3

4: Then Left Click on Mount.

5: Left Click on the new mount button.

6: When the status changes to Unmount, Left Click on Close.

7: Left Click on Browse.

8: As we can see we are now in /media/cdrom

Scroll Down
the list of files.

9: Left Click on Setup.exe

10: Left Click on OK.

11: Left Click on Continue.

12: The Descent 3 installer has successfully started.

Left Click on Next >

13: Left Click on Next >

14: Left Click on Next >

15: Given that the average computer running Cedega far exceeds high end systems from 1999

Left Click on Full for the entire game.

16: With Full selected, Left Click on Next.

17: Given that Mepis Linux defaults with the ext3 file system... what fragmentation?

Left Click on OK

18: The Installer will now ask for the location to add icons.

19: Left Click on Next >

20: To start copying the files, Left Click on Next >

21: Depending on your system, this part could take a while.

22: Eventually the installer will ask for the next disk.

Left Click on Cedega down in the KDE Task Bar

23: Cedega should pop back to the front.

24: Left Click on Mount.

25: Then Left Click on Unmount.

Continue the installation in Part 2!

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