Aliens Verus Predator 2

Cedega Install - Part 1

For : Cedega / Mepis Linux

by : je.saist

One day Monolith will make a bad game. Aliens Verus Predator 2 was not that game. With no word on an Aliens Versus Predator 3 game, we'll just have to do with this masterpiece.

I can live with that.

The bad news is that this game doesn't actually qualify as playable. Even on my most powerful test systems, this game struggled to maintain 20fps. Add in extremely fuzzy graphics even on high settings, and most people would write this off. It, is, however, very close to be playable. The graphics are not actually corrupted, and the game hasn't actually locked up or caused a seg fault on either ATi or Nvidia based systems. In single player mode, the slower pacing actually makes this a playable title.

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To Install and Play this game the original Install media is required

1: Starting with Cedega already open.

2: Left Click on Mount.

3: Insert Aliens Versus Predator 2 - Disc 1

Left Click on Mount.

4: Left Click on Install back in the main Cedega window.

Mount CD's should still be visible on the KDE Taskbar.

5: Here we go with our stock Install Software Screen.

6: Under Game Folder type in AvP2.

7: Left Click on Browse.

8: We should have two files, AvP2.exe and Setup.exe

Left Click on Setup.exe

9: With Setup.exe selected, Left Click on OK.

10: Left Click on Continue.

11: I will never get tired of that screen.

Remove all that legal stuff at the bottom and have one awesome wallpaper


12: Left Click on Next >

13: Left Click on Yes.

14: Left Click on Next >

15: Left Click on Next >

16: Another Left Click to Next >

17: No, I'm fairly sure I don't want to install DirectX 8.  Left Click on No.

If you do accidentally tap yes, don't worry, that won't actually harm anything.

18: Commence Waiting Period. Check radar for movement.

19: Eventually the installer will ask for Aliens Versus Predator 2 - Disc 2

Left Click on Mount CD's down on the KDE Taskbar.

20: Alright, the Mount CD's dialog should be in front now.

21: Left Click on Unmount.

At this point eject AvP2 - Disc 1 and insert AvP2 - Disc 2

22: Left Click on Mount.

23: When Unmount appears, Left Click on Aliens s. Predator 2 Setup in the KDE Taskbar.

24: We should now be back at the disc change dialog. Left Click on OK.

25: Commence Waiting Period 2. Don't forget to turn around, this isn't Primal Hunt.

26: ... No. I do NOT want GameSpy. Left Click on No.

27: as many times as I've re-installed AvP2, I just Left Click on No.

28: The installer will now ask for Aliens Versus Predator 2 - Disc 1 again.

Left Click on Mount CD's on the KDE Taskbar.

Continue on and swap the discs in Part 2

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