Cedega : Morrowind Installation

For : Cedaga / Mepis Linux

By : je.saist

Here we go with our second Windows game installation. Now we'll look at Morrowind.

System Components:

Abit NF7-S 2.0  /  AthlonXp 2500+ @ 3200+  /  1gig DDR 400mhz 2,2,2,5 / XFX Geforce 6600 GT
Asus P5RD2-VM / Pentium4 630 @ 3.45ghz  /  1gig DDR2 PC2 667 5, 5, 5, 15 /  Sapphire x1800 XT

Part 1 : Install  |  Part 2 : Configure

Morrowind is a popular RPG for the Xbox and Microsoft Windows. Sadly, Bethesda has made no native Linux client available. Not a problem for us.

1: We are starting from inside Cedega.

2: Left Click on Install

3: Enter whatever name you want for the program. I am using morrowind.

4: Left Click on Mount.

5: Now, I have two drives on this system so Cedega asks which one I intend to mount. If you don't have two drives, you won't see this message.

6: Since I know the disc is in /dev/cdrom1, I am going to Left Click on Mount for /dev/cdrom1

7: The text will now change to Unmount.

Left Click on Close.

8: Left Click on Browse.

9: This is the bundled edition of Morrowind that came with an ATi graphics card.

Other Morrowind discs should be the same.

10: Left Click on Setup.exe

Setup.exe should then be highlighted in blue.

11: Left Click on OK

12: Left Click on Continue.

13: Left Click on Yes.

14: Left Click on Next

15: Left Click on Next

16: Left Click on Next again.

17: Get comfy as the game is installed.

18: This edition also has The Elder Scrolls Construction Set.  I don't know if this is on all editions of the game or not.

Left Click on Yes.

19: Left Click on Next.

20: Get Comfy.

21: Left Click on Finish.

22: Left Click  on whatever you want.

I'd say yes just to get Bethesda's attention that you are installing this under Linux. But for the purposes of this guide, I hit no.

23: Left Click on Finish.

24: Now, I tried it both ways. Clicking yes or no changes nothing here.

Left Click on No.

25: And now Morrowind is installed.

26: However, we are not ready to play just yet.

Turn to Part 2 for the Configuration of Morrowind!