City Of Heroes / City of Villains

Cedega Install

For : Cedega / Mepis Linux

By : je.saist

Part 1 - Obtain  |  Part 2 - Install

While NC-Soft seems to be receptive to offering Linux Clients for their games, no Linux Clients are available yet. Not to worry, Cedega can run many of NC-Soft's games without a problem. This guide covers my personal favorite NC-Soft game, City of Heroes. What can I say, I get a kick out pounding Ritki into the ground. The Malta though, they can go straight to... oh, where was I?  

While Cedega supports using the DVD's and CD's to load with, I don't exactly have the money to go out and grab a copy for each one. Not a problem, NC-Soft makes the Updater Available through their account site.  Using the Updater directly takes longer as the entire game has to be downloaded, but it takes far less steps than the DVD versions of City of Heroes or City of Villains, which take less than the CD-versions.

City Of Heroes and City of Villains are Subscription Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Games. Unless you have a Subscription to these games, this guide will do you no Good.

City of Heroes and City of Villains are also the same game. If you have one from a retail disc, the files for the other will be installed on your computer by the CoHUpdater.exe file. Both games are covered under the same subscription. So if you get one, might as well get both. There is also a Good and Evil edition of the game that includes both Heroes and Villains.

1: Go ahead and open Firefox up.

2: Blank page, yes, I know.

3: We are going to

4: If you have purchased any NCSoft game, you'll need to come here to activate it.

We are looking for Account.  It is on the Right hand column

5: Left Click on Account

6: We have three options here, Create, Manage, and Add Game.  If you have just purchased City of Heroes / City of Villains, you'll need to go through Create.

If you already have an NC-Soft account and need to add CoH/CoV, go through Add Game.

7: Since this guide presumes that you already have been here before to register the game.

Left Click on Manage.

8: We should now be at the Master Sign-In page.

9: Enter your Username and Password, then Left Click on Submit.

10: You may want to become familiar with logging into this page. If you qualify for beta tests on NC-Soft games, this will be where you can register.

11: As we scroll down the page we'll see the list of both our Active and Inactive NC-Soft games.

12: We are interested in Account Details under City Of Heroes / City of Villains.

Left Click on Account Details

13: You can come to this page if you need to reset your login for CoH/CoV.

We, however, are interested in Download Game Client

14: Left Click on Download Game Client

15: Give Firefox a minute, and we'll have our download box.

16: Left Click on OK

17: The updater is pretty small, so it won't take long to download.

18: Go ahead and start closing out of Firefox.

19: And close out of the download box.

Turn to Part 2 for the Install