Game Installations

for : Mepis Linux

by : je.saist

1: Doom 3: 

2: Unreal Tournament 2004 : Install Epic Software's latest Unreal Tournament Game

3: Unreal Tournament : Install Epic Software's Original Unreal Tournament Game

4: Id Software's Legendary Quake 3 Arena and Quake 3 Team Arena Installs.

5: Zsnes : A Super Nintendo Emulator

6: ePSXe : excellent Playstation emulator::

Completing ePSXe was only accomplished with the help of Next Generation Emulation

7: Enemy Territory :: The free multiplayer expansion to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

8: Return To Castle Wolfentein : Turn. The. Napalm. Off. Please.

9: Mupen64: Install Mupen64, a N64 emulator for Linux.